2021 Cy-Falls Baseball

The David Boatright Classic

David Boatright was the human brick and mortar of Cypress Falls as he served as a custodian and our own Cypress Falls walking sports almanac.  He was loved and respected by all who knew him.  David was quick to shine the light on others, but he never wanted to be in the limelight.  He found the good in everyone and had a real heart for the underdog.  He watched, he listened, he remembered; he knew people. He remembered students, stories, scores, and game changing plays.  Even in his last hours, David refused to give up the fight until he was assured that Cypress Falls would be taken care of by those who loved this place and the people like he did.  David Boatright’s legacy of love lives on in the halls and fields of Cypress Falls High School. 

 October 25, 1958 – December 31, 2012

The David Boatright Classic, formerly known as The Golden Eagle Classic weekend is a series of intrasquad games for bragging rights! The coaches divide the players into two groups and play a three-game series for a lot of pre-season fun and entertainment. Family and friends are all invited!

Thursday, February 19th  6:00 p.m.
Friday, February 20th   7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 21st   12:00 p.m.

Cost of admission will be $5.00 per game for everyone attending. You can also purchase a $10.00 weekend pass that will get you into all three games. All proceeds will go towards the David Boatright Foundation.



2015 David Boatright Classic Rosters

Coach Wade's Team                                                Coach Jones/Toth's Team
Kevin Maines                                                                    Cody LeCompte
Sterling Motley                                                                  Nate Dalton

Ryan Arocha                                                                     Sam Cooley  

Lane Magnus                                                                    Jose Rodriguez

Kole SUddendorf                                                              Tyler McGlashen
Jason Gonzalez                                                                Greg Ceballos
Chris Perez                                                                        Daniel Blake               
Patrick Pool                                                                        Michael Riggs               
Kelton Mahon                                                                     Matthew Stary                     
Joey Valadez                                                                      Matthew Ferris                         
Tyriece Silas                                                                       Alex Bradshaw                    
Rickie Salcido                                                                     Michael Du                              
Gavin Ceballos                                                                   Tanner Baker                               
Alex Motsinger                                                                    Hagan Benedict                                       
Logan Dvorachek                                                                Larenz McKinney


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